Where the Rubber Meets the Road (9 of 11)

Written by: Jeff McMahan

In true American spirit, two American teams waited for a third American team, that two British teams left in the dust, literally.

We do not leave our own. So we three are together now, and the British team is one day ahead.  Ahead … of me!?

After leaving a team that you were traveling with, on the side of the road? NO BUENO!  From this moment forward, Stars Bars & Scars are kicking it into high gear.

We will be streaming from secret locations, we will be blogging from parts unknown. Word has gotten back to us that they are reading our blogs, but not posting their own. What are you boys scared of? Don’t be shy…

So two, or five for that matter, can play that game. I love the Brits, but for the next 1-297 days (or however long it takes since I don’t know where we are, wink wink) IT IS ON FLY BOYS and solo man, you know who you are…

Team Stars Bars & Scars officially going silent,

“A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, then asks you not to kill him.”  Winston Churchill

Better yet:

“The object of war isn’t to die for your country but make the other bastard die for his.” George S. Patton


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