Website in Beta stage: What it means to you

Like every creation, there are different stages of completion. Right now is in it’s Beta stage.

This means the first stage of the site has been completed and is ready for viewing, which is why you’re viewing it now!

However, content and data structure are still being developed. This can take the most time of any website creation, with good reason. Great content and data structure will make the biggest difference on how useful a website is to you. This is something I want to make sure is perfect!

Because the website is in it’s Beta stage doesn’t mean it’s not useful or worth viewing. It just means that you should expect a few errors and broken links. If you find a broken link or notice a blank page, it’s because I haven’t finished that section yet.

I’m expecting Beta to last until November 1st 2012.

Thank you for your understanding and support!



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