There is a thin barrier between us and a mythical landscape of terrible and horrific proportions. What lies outside this tent is something you would see in a sleepy hollow film.

Fog so thick you can’t see five feet in front of you and howling winds of 60 miles per hour. Totally rockin…

Let’s take it back a couple days and give a recap on how we came to find this land of terror.

It started with a 10 mile stretch of near vertical climbs in 85 degree weather. With 30 pounds strapped to your back and a low water supply, that’s never a good time! But, alas, we made it. We then ran into two others who told us that a lake was just up the way… “just up the way” is never to be trusted. We hiked for miles and miles before finding that damn lake!

When we got there we were greeted with 2 hikers smoking pot and one drinking a 40oz malt liquor. A hilarious image.. dirty hippies.

We made our way to the local store where we procured some provisions for the night… canned ravioli, pineapple, gatorade and firewood. Jay needed new socks as his feet are wearing down to nubs. Unfortunately the nearest store with socks was a 40 minute drive. The store clerk chimed in and offered to call his brother in town and have him bring the supplies from a walmart. And so he did. So for all you traveling to Lake Morena, make sure to buy something from that little store! Dude was very nice.

The next day we found Boulder Oaks, a quaint little meadow with giant oak trees growing from massive boulders. A tiny stream completed the picturesque scene. We spent time playing around in the trees before hiking on to gibbets camping ground. On our way we encountered many large lizards and battled furiously with desert creatures… we also encountere two men who were chalking the trail in preparation for a 50 mile marathon taking place the next day. They were really nice and we ended up running into them again a day later. They had a tent set up with gatorade and watermelon in the middle of the desert. A very welcome sight!

That was my birthday!

Skip forward a bit and we ended to in a very small town after hikinh 15 miles. It seemed like it was a ghost town. We saw one car an no people.. very strange. It was starting to get dark and we wanted to look for a store before it was too late. We decided that it would work better if jay and kristina waited with the bags and I ran to the end of town. On my way there a car stopped along side me, bobbi-joe was her name. She was a local trail angel and saw us along side the road. Bobbi-joe offered to give me a ride to the store, so of course I jumpped on in!

We get to the store and it had shut down… apparently in a town of 202 people the stores don’t really have set hours. 🙁

Bobbi-joe gave us all a ride back to the trail and gave us a few tips on getting to julian, the famous apple pie city!

That night we campped out under a bridge. Literally.. it was great. We met two other hikers that night, barrel roll and moosey were there names. We had a fire in a flood plain and didn’t die… it was great.

The next day we caught a ride with our crack team of immigration control, the border patrol. They took us into julian where we got ourselves some awesome crumb top apple pie! Mmm…. pie.

After we ate some pie we went walking down the main street. At the first intersection we hear someone yell at us from across the street. Then a guy comes over … it just happens to be…

Last update cut off soooo… continued.

So the guy who ran up to us was one of the two guys we ran into a couple nights before. The pot smokin dirty hippies! Well it turns out smoking and hiking isn’t the best idea because one of the guys collapsed and had to go home.

Later in the day ginger met up with us and we had some lunch. We then made our way to warner springs where there is a golf course and hot springs. We spent the next day doing laundry, laying in thermal hot springs and playing a round of golf.

While playing golf we ran into scott, another thru hiker from canada. he was picking up some supplies he had sent to himself.

So like the awesome hikers we are, we drove our golf carts down to the range to warm up and show kristina how to golf!

  1. Reply Randy November 23, 2011 at 2:08 am

    Pretty awesome!!

  2. Reply Patti September 2, 2012 at 9:23 am

    That’s pretty funny. How did Kristina do golfing?

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