The fate of the Universe rests on my wall

So you want to jazz up your pad, but you don’t know where to spend your hard earned pennies? I ran into that problem once, too. Thus I converted a room into a giant ball pit. That wasn’t enough, though. I needed more awesome, more epicness, more … rad.
I figured it out! Then I made the calls, did the leg work and am reporting back. With out further ado, I bring you…


The solution that will melt an unknowing face when they walk through your door.

An oversize Alien vs. Predator chess battle royal printed on canvas and brushed with touch-up paint and lacquer. This completely one off piece was made possible by the great digital artist Benjamin Parry and his team back in 2009. I think it goes well with the Duke Nukem Statue in the foyer!

If you’re like me and want to make sure everyone enjoys the majesty that you deem awesome, hang it somewhere very public, like a giant window overlooking your neighbors!


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