So Much For the Cloak & Dagger (10 of 11)

Written by: Jeff McMahan

We caught up to the other teams last night in Huanuco and we encountered our first flat 30km outside of the city.

The team that SBS and the Warriors had waited a day and a half for were trailing us. So we both pull over. The newly joined team jump out of their Mototaxi and declare, “We are leaving with the earliest rising team tomorrow.

Ohhhh really? Now I am thinking to myself;  “the other teams left you, you were traveling solo, you hauled ass to catch up to us, and we drove 7 hours in two days after driving 15 and 16 hours just to make that happen, severely hindering our chances of crossing the finish line first.

We genuinely wanted to add a third American team that had been shunned.  What’s the repayment?  Telling us at our first sign of trouble, now that we have caught up to the other teams, you were going to go with the early risers. Hmmm. So much for sticking together.

BTW, you’re welcome we stuck around for you.  The only thing they have added in a positive light since joining us was assistance in fixing the tire. Assistance which they made sure they videotaped so off the bat they could declare that this is the fourth tire “of another teams” that he was changing.

Yes, Travis and I, along with Mike (who has been riding Harleys as long as they have been alive) are completely inept to change a flat tire.  Sometimes three is a crowd, I think the Brits had the right call on this one, sorry chaps.

So, outside of that small fiasco, yesterday went well. There had been a huge Amazonian downpour at midnight. We hired trucks to take us through bandit country, but could not leave until 4am because of the weather, even then, the 180k dirt road was a long and muddy one, with two of the trucks getting stuck in the process.

We were dropped off after a journey that saved us a day of travel to be generous, and continued another 120km to Huancayo, arriving about 8pm last night. The support that holds the muffler in place broke in half, and the sprocket on the tire seems off kilter, so we will get that looked at this morning. Unfortunately, that will put us behind some.

The other teams will have headed out by now, c’est la vie.  Maybe we can catch up to the others again and rid ourselves of some “Salty” weight, since we, apparently, are not good enough for them.  They must be part Canadian!

Let’s get moving!


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