Preparing for the unknown

We got our tent today from Tarptent out of California. This thing is freaking amazing so far. I love it and it’s only a pound and a half!

Jay got in last night from Montana so we all went to REI and Second Ascent to pick up some last few clothes items. The list included long sleeved wicking fabric shirts by Sherpa that are very light weight and should keep us dry and our body temperature regulated! We also picked up a nice light weight hatchet with a built in knife, all our water containers, convertible pants and all the typical water proof stuff.

glock 22Today I also picked up our trip protection which will be supplied by Glock. A Glock 22 .40 pistol will be on hand for any bad scenarios involding large wildlife. The idea is to not have to use it, but as we always say, better safe than sorry. Six months in the mountains is plenty of time for the dice to roll.

Tomorrow is a DEADLIEST WATERS book signing at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, right after the Deadliest Catch Convention.

gear pileSo far with a fully loaded pack (minus food and water) I am at 16 pounds. My goal is 15 so I might try to shed some weight by leaving some stuff or buying some lighter weight versions of the heavy things. Kristina’s pack is looking to be in the 14 pound range so far.

Light travel is happy travel!


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