Order from Chaos and great food

Just like everything in my life, through the chaos comes order… well it’s closer to chaos, but you get what I’m saying.

Today marks my 27th birthday. It started off with a water faucet shower and then a 10 mile hike up hill.

We encountered several dangerous animals, lots of pretty views and some hot weather. Toward the end of the day when the sun was blazing and our feet felt like they were about to explode into nubbly shins, we come across an aid station for a marathon taking place in the middle of the desert.  It was a literal desert oasis.

After this great pit stop full of Gatorade and cookies we came out of the pine forest to find a tiny burger joint.  This place was a log cabin style building with a gigantic tree growing out of the center.  When we walked in we were serenaded by the sounds of… Amy Grant.  It made great background music for the ton of food we ate.  Jay mentioned to the owner it was my birthday which translated to some free birthday pie.

To top it all off there is a store a few blocks away and a nice flat camp ground right by the trail.

Today was a good day! Happy birthday me and thanks to everyone along the trail today who made it extra awesome!

On another note, everyone’s pretty much dying, Jay and Kristina have electrical tape holding their feet together.

I’m sure it will pass in the next 300 miles!

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