What happens at 1:45am (3 of 11)

Written by: Jeff McMahan

It’s 1:45 AM and we should be sleeping.  Instead we are listening to Rage Against the Machine, discussing tomorrow’s activities, working on logistical issues related to setting up a live stream of the launch.

Our plan, mount a webcam on the mototaxi, connect to our netbook, and start the stream!

Where do we mount it? Maybe near the shaking Hawiain hula girl that we are using as our front fender ornament (I give her 2 miles before she falls off and we run her over).

More than likely we will mount it on the steering column somewhere for a first person view of what lies ahead. If successful we will move the mount to the inside, maybe turn it around, experiment a bit. Not so sure about sound, do you really want to hear a screaming engine that will whine incessantly, mixed in with a barrage of sailor language? I just answered my own question.
Knock-off Peruvian webcam is giving us issues, figures.

We played in a friendly soccer game this morning against a bunch of 15 year olds and got our collective a$$es handed to us in traditional Adventurist style.

I proved completely worthless, dispelling my 25 year old dream that I AM still as good as I was when I was 10 and was a scoring machine.

I did have a sweet header to clear the ball, but promptly followed that up with a direct pass to the opposing team which found itself hugging the back of our net 10 seconds later. Oops.

Great fun had by all though, started a wave in the grandstand, the crowd of 25 participated on the 5th try. Proudly wore my obnoxious American Flag vest on the sideline, waving a small flag yelling Ole in support of our team.

Launch party was a bit subdued tonight, with several junketeers not showing up. Of particular concern is our fearless goalie, who recently participated in the Mongol Derby, a 2000k race on horseback, finishing 5th after not having ridden a horse since he was a boy.

Previous to that he completed the Mongol Rally.

He took a good football shot to the chest, landing awkwardly on the ground, and came up favoring his elbow. Hope he is ready for the morning, he is going at it solo as his partner backed out. Man has balls, big steel ones.

Time to wrap it up for the night, catch 6 hours of sleep, and get prepared for the mayhem of the Mototaxi Junket! Woop Woop!

Roger that, over n’ out.


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