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Celebrated as the number one selling book in its category and its barrage of 5 star ratings on Amazon, Deadliest Waters by Travis Arket is the first coffee table style photography book covering the Bering Sea fishing industry.

The Discovery Channel’s hit series DEADLIEST CATCH brought Alaska’s Bering Sea Crab Fishing to the entire world. The series shows the dangers and harsh realities in a world that is surrounded in mystery.

Travis Arket, a deckhand featured on the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, takes the viewer one step closer.
Deadliest Waters is a Best Selling, 114 page, over sized coffee table style book. Contained inside are pages that guide the reader on a photographic journey into a side of Alaskan crab fishing rarely seen. Travis Arket captures the breath-taking beauty of the Aleutian Islands, the humorous antics of the crews and the wildlife encountered throughout the isolated region.

A collection of never before seen photographs have been compiled over five years and has evolved into the best selling photographic book surrounding Alaska’s crab fishing fleet.

Why I created this book

When I made the decision to get a job on a crab fishing boat in the Bering Sea, I had no idea what I was in for.  I was a stupid 19 year old kid with a big dream.  I had been working with computers and networks since I was 13 years old and had already worked for major tech companies and ran my own business.  That big dream was to escape the monotony that faced me every day.  Sitting in a room in front of a computer screen, watching the world go by, was no way to live.

What I didn’t realize was how the ocean, the bitter cold, the characters, and the scenery would shape my being.  What I saw and experienced, I didn’t think was possible.  It changed the course of my life indefinitely.  I enjoy photography, whether it be cinema or still, great light and composition have always pulled me.  I freelance as a special case director of photography.  That means I get those crazy shots and amazing angles for companies by being ingenious and resourceful… and usually very uncomfortable.

When Deadliest Catch came around, it told our story.  It shared our lives and our industry with the world, but I felt like something was missing.  The masses called for carnage, danger and death, but they were off point.  The real story to be told is not that of fishermen chasing a pot of gold but that man chasing something inside himself.

Deadliest Waters: Bering Sea Photography is just that, a window for all to see the real reason we risk our lives.  It took over 5 years to accumulate the photos I wanted to share with everyone.  I wanted to cover the good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s not that stupid bug in the ocean we are trying to catch.  It’s the bug in our soul.

Buzz and Reviews

A compelling photographic journey into a world seldom seen through the eyes of man.  Deadliest Waters delivers a sweeping narrative with mind blowing photographs that will rip the skin from your awe-struck skill!  — PhotographyWorld

Travis Arket’s photography is breathtaking, and his commentary is both witty and informative. Any fan of Deadliest Catch, Alaska, photography or fishing would love this book. — Cindi from

Travis Arket is a great photographer and he captures the Bering Sea and Alaska in a breathtaking way. The comments are sometimes very witty as well, they put a smile on your face instantly!
So if you have any doubts on buying this book? Don’t! It’ll be your best-buy this year! — Mireille from

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