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A computer engineer from the greater Seattle area,Travis Arket left the office world to pursue his passion for adventure and art. His passion led him to the unlikely job of a Bering Sea crab fisherman and, in short order, had him starring in a popular reality series broadcast across the globe.

An adventure addict, Travis used his crab income to explore over sixty countries, sometimes with nothing more than a kayak and a compass. He swam with sharks in open water, was blamed for a riot in Barcelona, was robbed at gunpoint by the Romanian military, ran with the bulls in Spain, fought in the world’s largest food fight, and was the first photographer on the scene when Maoist guerrillas seized the royal palace in Kathmandu to remove the king.

He founded the adventure philanthropy organization Robot House, which raises money for charity by selling sponsorships for extreme expeditions. He is a commercial photographer, video producer, and business consultant. When not roaming far-flung corners of the planet, Travis is probably in Seattle plotting his next adventure.

You are like Zac Morris, just kinda combined with val kilmer’s ‘Real Genius‘ character and strong overtones of Brodderick in Ferris Buhler all wrapped up in a Philip J. Fry package.

Press articles

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Deadliest Waters Press Release
Deadliest Waters sample interview questions
Pacific Crest Trail Charity Press Release
Rickshaw Race Press release

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