As our feet swell to enormous proportions, we cruise the coast and take a little break!

After a stop in Sonora we decided to take a little time off the trail and see some sights around California and along the Oregon coast.  First we have a nice example of our every day dinner time, which consists of us usually hunkered around a tiny butane fuel canister cooking a single serving of something freeze dried no doubt in a little titanium pot.  It sounds really lame, but in actuality it’s very relaxing.  Sometimes when you’re lucky, some deer and other wildlife will wander over to get a better look at us.  It makes for a very nice setting … something you just can never get when you’re close to towns and cities.

Our first stop was the Redwood National Park.  For those who aren’t sure the significance of the Redwood Tree, they are the largest trees in existance, tall and wide and grow only in a very small region of the Northwest coastline.  They are something to see for sure, even if you live along the coast!

As we were driving by some sand dunes we decided to endulge in our inner redneck and head out to do some quadding of our own!  So we hit the breaks, pull and U-turn and head into an ATV rental place.  From there we got ourselves a couple of quads and headed for the dunes!  Whooowee!

Then a few strolls on the picturesque Oregon beach and off we went again…

It’s back to the trail tomorrow, so enjoy these images!  🙂

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