When scorpions attack

Today marks the first day of our 2,750 mile trek. We stayed in Ocean Beach last night with my ever awesome friend Ginger. She was kind enough to drive us around to pick up some last minute items as well as drive us the rest of the way to the trail head.

We ended up getting started late but we still made roughly 15 miles. Diamond Back rattlesnakes poised to attack, welcomed us.

Then we walked…. and walked…. and partied with the desert creatures. Or at least Jay did when we spotted a stray pair of aquasox water shoes sitting on a rock. Naturally we got excited for a good score, but that was short lived when Jay was visciously attacked by a scorpion!  As he reached down to grab the aquasox a little bitty scorpion stung him right in the hand.  The aquasox were boobytrapped.

After a quick call back to home base (Matt) he googled up some info on scorpion stings.  Unfortunately Matt was looking at middle eastern death scorpions, which didn’t help jays freak out session.  Matt says to me, “so it was brown with a black stripe?  Yeah man, it says those are deadly.”  Thinking we may need more info we made a call to poison control.  The lady on the line said he’ll live and he won’t have to lose an arm!  Jay was excited to hear that.

On that note we pressed on. We made it to a clearing and in total darkness and put up our tents for the first time on the journey.

Today, we didn’t die. It was a good day. Oh and I think we got lost once.

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